Will Branch

Guitar Player, Singer, Teacher

Upcoming Shows

12/25Testing gigwith Fox & Branch
1/13Kosciuszko Montessoriwith Fox & Branch
1/17Kosciuszko Montessoriwith Fox & Branch
1/24Kosciuszko Montessoriwith Fox & Branch
1/26Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
1/26Schauer Arts Centerwith Fox & Branch
2/14Kozy Montessori (Arts @ Large)with Fox & Branch
2/15Anodyne Coffee - with Foghorn Stringbandwith Fox & Branch
2/23Anodyne Coffee - Walker's Pointwith Fox & Branch
2/28Kozy Montessori (Arts @ Large)with Fox & Branch
3/1SAEYC Conference - Keynotewith Fox & Branch
3/7Kozy Montessori (Arts @ Large)with Fox & Branch
3/16Milwaukee Art Museumwith Fox & Branch
3/29Kids in the Rotunda - Overture Centerwith Fox & Branch
3/30Anodyne Coffee - Bay Viewwith Fox & Branch
4/26Club Passimwith Fox & Branch
5/2Kosciuzsko Montessoriwith Fox & Branch
5/16Kosciuzsko Montessoriwith Fox & Branch
5/23Kosciuzsko Montessoriwith Fox & Branch
5/25Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
5/30Kosciuzsko Montessoriwith Fox & Branch
6/1Italian Community Center (private event)with Fox & Branch
6/10Wilson Elementary School (Sheboygan)with Fox & Branch
6/14Chilton Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
6/17North Shore Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
6/19Milwaukee Public Library - Atkinson Branchwith Fox & Branch
6/20Belleville Library (Belleville, WI)with Fox & Branch
6/24Milwaukee Public Library - Washington Parkwith Fox & Branch
6/26Milwaukee Public Library - Center Streetwith Fox & Branch
6/29Anodyne Coffee (Bay View location)with Fox & Branch
7/2Lake Park Concertwith Fox & Branch
7/8Milwaukee Public Library - Bay Viewwith Fox & Branch
7/9West Allis Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/11Winnipeg Folk Festivalwith Fox & Branch
7/12Winnipeg Folk Festivalwith Fox & Branch
7/12Winnipeg Folk Festivalwith Fox & Branch
7/13Winnipeg Folk Festivalwith Fox & Branch
7/14Louisiana Library Tourwith Fox & Branch
7/15Louisiana Library Tourwith Fox & Branch
7/16Louisiana Library Tourwith Fox & Branch
7/17Louisiana Library Tourwith Fox & Branch
7/18Louisiana Library Tourwith Fox & Branch
7/27Anodyne Coffee (Walker's Point)with Fox & Branch
7/30Glenside Public Library (Glendale Heights, IL)with Fox & Branch
7/31Milwaukee Public Library - Mill Roadwith Fox & Branch
8/7Milwaukee Public Library - Central Librarywith Fox & Branch
8/16Passimwith Fox & Branch
8/23South Shore Farmer's Marketwith Fox & Branch
8/31Anodyne Coffee (Bay View)with Fox & Branch
9/7Children's Hospitalwith Fox & Branch
9/14Niles Public Library (Illinois)with Fox & Branch
9/21MacFarland Family Festivalwith Fox & Branch
9/27Milwaukee Public Library (Central)with Fox & Branch
9/28Anodyne Coffee (CD Release Party!)with Fox & Branch
10/9Milwaukee Public Library - Center Street Branchwith Fox & Branch
10/11Kids in the Rotunda, Overture Center (Madison, WI)with Fox & Branch
10/14Boswell Book Companywith Fox & Branch
10/25Vineyard Community Churchwith Fox & Branch
10/26Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
11/1Portage Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
11/1Portage Center for the Artswith Fox & Branch
11/12Boswell Book Companywith Fox & Branch
11/19Loving Start Preschoolwith Fox & Branch
11/30Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
12/21Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
1/8West Bend Community Memorial Librarywith Fox & Branch
1/25Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
1/25Schlitz Audubon Center - Winter Carnivalwith Fox & Branch
1/27St. Maria Goretti School (Madison)with Fox & Branch
1/30Anodyne Coffee (Walker's Point)with Fox & Branch
2/12Fairview School (Plymouth)with Fox & Branch
2/22Anodyne Coffee (Walker's Point)with Fox & Branch
3/2Sturm Public Library (Manawa)with Fox & Branch
3/2Clintonville Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
3/27St. Alphonsus Schoolwith Fox & Branch
3/29Anodyne Coffee (Walker's Point)with Fox & Branch
4/26Anodyne Coffee (Walker's Point)with Fox & Branch
5/8Children's Community Centerwith Fox & Branch
5/14Community Preschool Spring Jubileewith Fox & Branch
5/15Hales Corners Lutheran Schoolwith Fox & Branch
5/31Anodyne Coffee (Walker's Point)with Fox & Branch
6/5Olympia Brown Elementarywith Fox & Branch
6/9Wilson Elementary School (Sheboygan)with Fox & Branch
6/13First Street Community Center (Mount Vernon, IA)with Fox & Branch
6/13First Street Community Center (Mount Vernon, IA)with Fox & Branch
6/15Milwaukee Public Library - Zablocki Branchwith Fox & Branch
6/16Milwaukee Public Library - East Branchwith Fox & Branch
6/17Brookfield Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
6/17Brookfield Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
6/18Wauwatosa Day Care and Learning Centerwith Fox & Branch
6/18Milwaukee Public Library - Mill Road Branchwith Fox & Branch
6/20Whitefish Bay Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
6/23Milwaukee Public Library - Bay View Branchwith Fox & Branch
6/24Lake Valley Campwith Fox & Branch
6/25Milwaukee Public Library - Central Librarywith Fox & Branch
6/28Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
7/8Hales Corners Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/10Bastille Dayswith Fox & Branch
7/11Bastille Dayswith Fox & Branch
7/13Milwaukee Public Library - Washington Park Branchwith Fox & Branch
Some of the best porch music this city has to offer… smart [and] unpretentious.
The Shepherd Express

Welcome! If you would like to book a show or schedule a guitar lesson, please contact me at:


(414) 273-1930


Organizations I have worked with or currently work with:

Downtown Montessori Academy

VSA Arts of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Milwaukee Public Schools

YMCA of Greater Milwaukee

Wisconsin Conservatory of Music

Arts @ Large

Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Public Libraries

Milwaukee Public Theatre

Milwaukee Center for Independence

New World Montessori School

Milwaukee Jewish Day School

Hillel Academy

Wings Academy

Hal Leonard Publishing

Music Together