Will Branch

Guitar Player, Singer, Teacher

Upcoming Shows

1/12The Coffee Housewith Fox & Branch
1/27Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
2/9St. Paul Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
2/24Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
3/8Good City Brewingwith Fox & Branch
3/9Kids in the Rotunda (Madison, WI)with Fox & Branch
3/15Good City Brewingwith Fox & Branch
3/20Syble Hopp School (De Pere)with Fox & Branch
3/23Detroit Symphony - Tiny Tots concertwith Fox & Branch
3/29Good City Brewingwith Fox & Branch
3/31Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
4/5Good City Brewingwith Fox & Branch
4/12Good City Brewingwith Fox & Branch
4/19Good City Brewingwith Fox & Branch
4/28Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
5/6Morton Grove Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
5/19Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
6/15Hickory Ridge Concert Serieswith Fox & Branch
6/19Plymouth Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
6/20Beaver Dam Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
6/22Vernon Area Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
6/25Shorewood Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
6/30Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
7/8Walworth Memorial Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/8East Troy Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/8Jewish Community Center Summer Festivalwith Fox & Branch
7/9Graham Public Library (Union Grove)with Fox & Branch
7/9Aram Public Library (Delevan)with Fox & Branch
7/10Waterford Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/10Rochester Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/11Racine Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/11Racine Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/12Burlington Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/15Lake Geneva Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/15Darien Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/16Fontana Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/16Matheson Memorial Library (Elkhorn)with Fox & Branch
7/17Genoa City Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/18Brigham Memorial Library (Sharon)with Fox & Branch
7/18Barrett Memorial Library (Williams Bay)with Fox & Branch
7/21Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
7/23Neenah Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/24Wonderful Wednesdays (Lake Park)with Fox & Branch
7/25Picnic in the Park (Greenfield, WI)with Fox & Branch
7/26Minocqua Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/27House Concert at the Woolpy Residencewith Fox & Branch
7/30DeForest Public Library (Fireman's Park Bandshell)with Fox & Branch
7/31Mt. Horeb Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
8/3The National Theatre (Washington, DC)with Fox & Branch
8/10South Shore Farmers Marketwith Fox & Branch
8/13Children's Community Centerwith Fox & Branch
8/17Irish Festwith Fox & Branch
8/18Irish Festwith Fox & Branch
8/25Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
9/15Willy Street Fair (Madison)with Fox & Branch
9/29Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
10/12Oktoberfest (Milwaukee)with Fox & Branch
10/18Menomonee Falls Historical Societywith Fox & Branch
10/19Menomonee Falls Historical Societywith Fox & Branch
10/2488Nine Radio Performancewith Fox & Branch
10/27Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
11/18Lester Public Library (Two Rivers)with Fox & Branch
11/24Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
12/22Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
12/31Milwaukee Domes - New Year's Eve Celebrationwith Fox & Branch
1/26Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
2/23Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
2/28Good City Brewing Companywith Fox & Branch
3/27CANCELED - Des Plaines Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
3/27CANCELED - Good City Brewing Companywith Fox & Branch
3/29CANCELED - Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
4/3CANCELED - Good City Brewing Companywith Fox & Branch
4/26CANCELED - Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
5/8CANCELED - Pewaukee Lake Elementarywith Fox & Branch
5/9CANCELED - Centennial Hall (Private Event)with Fox & Branch
5/14CANCELED - Community Preschool (Private Concert)with Fox & Branch
5/16CANCELED - Children's Community Center (Private Event)with Fox & Branch
5/31CANCELED - Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
6/15Calcasieu Parish Libraries (Louisiana)with Fox & Branch
6/16Calcasieu Parish Librarieswith Fox & Branch
6/19St. Charles Parish Libraries (Louisiana)with Fox & Branch
6/20St. Charles Parish Libraries (Louisiana)with Fox & Branch
6/24West Allis Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
6/24Milwaukee Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
6/29L. E. Phillips Memorial Library (Eau Claire)with Fox & Branch
6/30Rib Lake Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/7Sun Prairie Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/15Milwaukee Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
7/16E. D. Locke Public Library (McFarland, WI)with Fox & Branch
8/12Milwaukee Public Librarywith Fox & Branch
10/3DuPage Children's Museumwith Fox & Branch
11/29Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
12/20Anodyne Coffeewith Fox & Branch
2/6Detroit Symphonywith Fox & Branch
Some of the best porch music this city has to offer… smart [and] unpretentious.
The Shepherd Express

Welcome! If you would like to book a show or schedule a guitar lesson, please contact me at:


(414) 617-2138


Organizations I have worked with or currently work with:

Downtown Montessori Academy

VSA Arts of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Milwaukee Public Schools

YMCA of Greater Milwaukee

Wisconsin Conservatory of Music

Arts @ Large

Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Public Libraries

Milwaukee Public Theatre

Milwaukee Center for Independence

New World Montessori School

Milwaukee Jewish Day School

Hillel Academy

Wings Academy

Hal Leonard Publishing

Music Together